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Laser Hair Removal Treatment

Body hair kills fashion faster than a wardrobe malfunction (probably). Every week, each of us is scheduled at some parlour for a hair removal session, making our busy lives hectic as well. In Hyderabad, Padma Skin Clinic offers a solution to this hassle – permanent laser hair removal.

What Is Laser Hair Removal?

Laser treatment is a medical technique where light energy is used in its various wavelengths to perform various functions. It is chiefly used to change pigmentation in the skin (scar removal, acne removal, etc.) But this laser can also be used to remove body hair.

The technique of removing body hair using laser is called laser hair removal. This treatment should only be performed by cosmetic surgeons. Taking this treatment in unauthorized parlours can prove fatal to your skin with burns and infections.

How Is Laser Hair Removal Performed?

A laser hair removal device is used to burn off the root of your hair. You will see that the device emits light and is hovering around your skin. You will give given goggles to protect your eyes. On each hair follicle, there will be a snap (feels like a rubber band snap, mild discomfort) and the hair follicle will be gone. There will be no visible injury to the skin. But the area remains sore and sensitive for a day and high care is recommended during that time. This removal of hair is effective for at least 6 months.

Hair from all over the body is removed thusly in multiple sessions. It is not advisable to remove all body hair in one sitting. Hence, multiple sessions are scheduled after a few months from each.

This type of hair removal is considered permanent since the result of one session in exponentially more long lasting than any of the traditional methods. However, patients prefer to take a touch-up once every 6 months.

Is Laser Hair Removal Expensive?

At first glance, it may seem that permanent laser hair removal is a bit pricey. But instead of looking at the cost of it, look into the cost-effectiveness. Is it worth paying the ‘extra’? Well, in Hyderabad, if you tally your expenses of traditional hair removal in a year and the cost of hair removal, the figures would look more or less the same. Plus, laser treatment for hair reduces the weekly hassles.

Laser Hair Removal At Padma Skin Clinic

At Padma Skin Clinic, we acknowledge the different skin types and skin complexions. We understand that because of the geographical diversity in India, the hair type varies hugely as well. Hence, to accommodate the diverse needs of our patients we use high-quality laser devices that allow us to minutely adjust the laser beam so that we can avoid scarring at all costs. Our hair removal cosmetic surgeons have received hands-on training to handle these sensitive devices so as to avoid any mishap.

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