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Pigmentation Treatment

Who doesn’t want glowing skin? A glowing face always makes you feel beautiful from inside. A bright and clear look makes you unique and gives an aesthetic appeal to your beauty. It builds your self-confidence.

But when you find yourself staring at your pigmentation patches, it affects your confidence. However, now you no need to worry about pigmentation problems anymore, you can wake up with a beautiful smile with our advanced treatment options at Padma Clinic. We can solve your pigmentation problems and enhance your beauty as we have the best skin-care specialists in our clinic.

Skin Pigmentation - What Is It?

Pigmentation is termed as the abnormal colouring of your skin. Your skin changes its colour if melanin is produced more than required. Melanin is a pigment in your body which gives you a natural skin tone. When this pigment forms abundant deposits in the skin, it causes pigmentation.

If your skin gets darker due to more melanin, it is called hyperpigmentation. If your skin gets lighter due to more melanin production, it is called Hypopigmentation.

Types And Causes Of Pigmentation

The most common types of pigmentation include:

Age Spots

Age spots also called liver spots, liver spots or solar lentigines is a common type of skin pigmentation problem. They mostly found in the areas exposed to the sun such as the face, hands and other areas exposed to the sunlight frequently. They are round, brown or black, flat patches on the skin and mostly increase with age. Ageing, Overexposure to the sun is the main reason for the age spots.


Freckles are tan or light brown coloured flat, circular spots found in the areas exposed to the sun. The spots are the size of a matchstick head and usually seen on the face and shoulders. Freckles don’t cause any changes in skin texture. Genetics, Overexposure to the sun is the main reason for freckles.

Melasma / Chloasma
Melasma is a type of hyperpigmentation and most commonly seen in people with darker skin tone. They are irregular brown cloured patches on the skin that covers larger areas.

It usually appears on the forehead, nose and cheeks. If melasma occurs during pregnancy, it is called the mask of pregnancy or chloasma. Melasma or chloasma looks similar to age spots but are larger and appear during pregnancy and while taking contraceptive pills.

Post-Inflammatory Pigmentation

Post-Inflammatory pigmentation is tan, brown or black coloured pigmentation. It is caused due to extra production of colour pigment because of damaged skin or inflammation of the skin or due to an injury. It can also occur due to sunburn, surgeries etc.

Incontinentia Pigmenti, Pityriasis Alba, Progressive Pigmentary Purpura, Albinism, Acanthosis Nigricans are some other types of pigmentation.

Treatment For Pigmentation

  • Freckles can be treated through bleaching, laser treatment, intense light facials and cryosurgery.
  • Melasma pigmentation can be treated with medications, laser, light-based treatments, glycolic peels, and trichloroacetic acid peels.
  • Most of the people prefer topical treatments for pigmentation/hyperpigmentation issues such as azelaic acid, corticosteroids, hydroquinone, retinoids, vitamin C etc. The topical cream contains ingredients which lighten the skin.
  • Cosmetic procedures to treat pigmentation include laser therapy, intense pulsed light, chemical peels, Dermal Rolling, dermabrasion, microdermabrasion etc.

Padma clinic provides a number of advanced treatment options for your pigmentation issues. We have the best dermatologist who can help you to identify the exact cause of your pigmentation and work with you for an appropriate treatment plan. You can regain the lost glow of your skin in a few treatment sessions.

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