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PRP Hair Treatment

Losing hair can be extremely stressful for both men and women alike. But unlike before, there is a whole natural solution to regain your lost hair – PRP hair loss treatment. You can avail this treatment at Padma Skin Clinic where Dr. Padmaja stimulates your scalp cells to induce hair growth.

What Is PRP?

PRP or Platelet-rich Plasma is an extract from your blood that can be used in various treatments where fast growth of cells, in other words, fast healing, is desired.

Your blood has several several components which are all suspended in a colourless fluid called plasma. The platelets are one of those components and they are responsible for growth of new cells in the body. In PRP treatment, the plasma is cleaned of the other components except platelet which is kept in it in excess.

When this fluid is injected in the target area, cells regenerate faster.

How Does PRP Help In Hair Growth?

When the PRP fluid is injected in your scalp, it boosts the aged hair follicles to grow hair again. This way, you get a head full of natural hair. After the treatment, hair grows naturally. So, you will not see changes immediately. You have to wait until the hair grows naturally which can be between 4 to 12 months.

It is a painless and non-invasive procedure and has no downtime.

How Is A PRP Hair Loss Treatment Done?

When you consult Dr. Padmaja, she will discuss with you about how much density you want and accordingly, she will make a plan. Your blood will be taken can sent to lab for processing. When the PRP fluid is ready, you will receive your actual treatment.

The doctor will inject the hair follicles in your scalp with this fluid. It requires multiple needle pricks. There may be a little discomfort but if you feel pain, the doctor can help you with anaesthesia. Each sitting may take a couple of hours.

After the treatment, you will take a couple of days to recover from surgical redness or swelling. In that time, do not take a shower. Keep the area clean and away from dirt and sunlight.

Based on your requirement, the doctor will guide you regarding consecutive sessions. There is absolutely no side-effects to this treatment. You can take as many sessions as you seem fit as long as Dr. Padmaja is on board with you.

PRP Hair Loss Treatment At Padma Skin Clinic

At our clinic, we use the latest technologies to prepare the PRP fluid to ensure that it is rich in its beneficial characteristics. While the number of sessions vary from person to person, we try our best to make sure that each patient gets a head full of hair in as few sessions as possible.

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