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Permanent Tattoo Removal

Tattooing – branding yourself with a belief, an experience, an identity – a mark that says more about you than your natural self but a voice just as strong as your natural self. But when that branding goes wrong, there is a BIG problem! Padma Skin Clinic, the best permanent tattoo removal clinic in Hyderabad, has an effective solution.

What Is Permanent Tattoo Removal?

A permanent tattoo is supposed to be permanent. And in general circumstances, it is. But often, we do not understand the implications of a lifelong commitment that a permanent tattoo is. As a result, we end up with a tattoo whose significance fades over time. Naturally, at this point, we want to remove it. However, this treatment is not easy – it requires medical intervention.

Any medical intervention that aims at removing a permanent tattoo is called permanent tattoo removal. These treatments are highly sensitive and must only be performed by qualified cosmetic surgeons and not by a self–proclaimed beauty expert at any illegitimate tattoo removal center.

What Makes Tattoo Permanent, Why Is Tattoo Removal Complicated?

When a permanent tattoo is made, the ink is set under the top layer of the skin. Removing a permanent tattoo basically means that you have to get past the top layer of your skin and remove the ink. This incurs damage to the skin. It can lead to scarring and hyposensitivity in the concerned area. Hence, it must be performed under the care of an expert dermatologist and cosmetic surgeons who can keep an eye out for any complication that may arise.

This is why it is advisable that you choose your tattoo wisely. However, even after careful considerations, many people opt for the removal of their permanent tattoo. The reasons can be

  • You no longer resonate with the tattoo
  • The outcome of the tattoo is not satisfactory
  • You are having an allergic reaction at the tattoo site
  • You have a new job profile that demands a tattoo-free grooming

How Can Permanent Tattoo Be Removed?

The common procedures that are used in tattoo removal are surgical removal, dermabrasion, and laser surgery.

Dermabrasion is like a deep cleaning of the skin or exfoliation. But it reaches deeper levels of the skin and can be painful without a numbing agent. It can only be used for small, simple tattoos.

Surgical removal is also a simple procedure where the tattooed portion of the skin is chucked out. It can only be used for very small tattoos since there is a chance of scarring. It is a more cost-effective but yet less popular choice.

Laser permanent tattoo removal is the most effective way of removing a permanent tattoo. In a few sessions, different inks in an elaborate tattoo can be removed. However, even with laser, initially, there will be a minor burn-like injury. The site of treatment should be maintained carefully to avoid scarring.

Permanent Tattoo Removal At Padma Skin Clinic

At Padma Skin Clinic, our cosmetic surgeons work with the most advanced laser machines so that you can get the best treatment. At our clinic, we ensure that after you recover from the permanent tattoo removal treatment, your skin is as good as new.

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