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Non Surgical Face Lift

Who doesn’t want a pretty face? When you meet someone new, you remember the face, more than their name. So cosmetically speaking, your face is your identity. On the flip side, your face is also the first part of your body to show any signs of ageing, signs like tiny wrinkles around your eyes, mouth, forehead and most important the sagging skin. As you grow old, your skin starts to lose its elasticity and begins to sag. At Padma Skin Clinic, we have the best facelift surgery in Hyderabad, as well as non-surgical treatments.

Surgical Facelift

A facelift is a surgical procedure that is done by an experienced cosmetic surgeon, that uplifts the sagging skin around your jawline, also called as jowls, loose skin around your mouth, nose and under the chin, making you look at least 10-15 years younger than your actual age.

Contrary to the popular belief, facelift surgery involves only the lower portion of the face, around your jaw. It does not involve treatment on your neck area, eyelids, or forehead/ brow area. Hence, your cosmetic surgeon may recommend you to combine a facelift with an eyelid tuck, neck lift and brow lift so that you achieve a much younger look and feel very young and beautiful for many years to come.

Facelift Procedure: The Facelift surgery is an outpatient procedure, wherein the cosmetic surgeon makes an incision around the hairline and behind the ear while lifting up your skin. The underlying tissues are then tightened to give you aesthetically appealing contours on your face. The excess fat deposits in your cheeks and chin are also removed giving you a much younger and tightened, smooth and even-toned skin. The skin is then pulled back and closed with sutures and bandaged.

The surgery only lasts for 2-4 hours. The side effects of facelift surgery are minimal which include:

  • Bruising and swelling for up to 2 days
  • Minimal pain level

The recovery process is very quick. The bruising should go away within 10-14 days after the surgery. You can start the normal activities after two weeks, however, rigorous activities will have to wait for 4 weeks. Your doctor will let you know when its best to start wearing make-up on your face.

By following a healthy lifestyle, proper skin care regimen and avoiding weight fluctuations, your face, after a facelift surgery will be young and fresh for the next 10-15 years.

Non-surgical Facelift

If you are a little sceptical about getting under the knife, you can go for the non-surgical option. The results may not be as dramatic as a face-lift surgery, however, the non-surgical facelift is cost-effective and the results are consistent, with very little to no downtime or long recovery. The non-surgical facelift treatments typically need 3-6 sessions or more, depending on the area to be treated and the method of treatment. Some non-surgical facelift options are:

  • Botox
  • Thermage
  • Ultherapy
  • LED
  • Laser skin resurfacing
  • Threadlift
  • Fillers

These alternatives to traditional facelift surgery, are minimally invasive, does not require making large incisions and recovery time is much shorter.

At Padma Skin Clinic, we have the best cosmetic surgeons who artistically, redefine your facial contours to give you an appealing, firm and young skin. Call us, to book an appointment with our best cosmetic surgeons to know, if Facelift surgery is right for you. Going back in time and looking your younger self is not a fantasy anymore. Its a reality which thousands of men and women worldwide are embracing and you can do it too.

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