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Nail Treatment

Choosing the perfect manicure plan is not easy. But exploring all the options can be fun. What is not fun is having a nail condition. An unhealthy nail is not only a cosmetic hindrance but can also be unhealthy and uncomfortable. At Padma Skin Clinic, Hyderabad, we treat nail conditions with high quality laser treatments.

Which Nail Conditions Require Treatment?

The most common problems in nails occur due to either of the two reasons – nail discolouration and ingrown nail.

Nail discolouration: Discolouration of nail may be visible in the form of visible white, yellow, brown or black patches on the bed of the nail. It can be a small speck or big. It can be a continuous stretch or discrete specks. It can be on just one nail or it may be present on multiple nails. Commonly, they occur due to an injury resulting in blood clot under the nail, dead nail tissue, etc or due to a fungal infection. Either way, it may cause pain, spreading of an infection, or other health complications. If you notice nail discolouration, it’s best to consult a dermatologist to find out what’s causing it.

Ingrown nail: Ingrown nails are quite hard to ignore. First of all, they dig into the skin can cause pain, swelling, and redness. They are hard to keep clean. And if it breaks the skin even microscopically, it can lead to an infection intensifying the aforementioned discomfort. However, beyond the temporary reliefs from home remedies, there is a way to permanently get rid of ingrown nails.

How Can Cosmetic Laser Treatment Help In Making Your Nail Healthy?

Targeted laser beams can scrape away fungal infections completely to avoid any relapse. They can also unroot ingrown nails to give you relief from pain. If the nail grows back again and again, the entire nail can be dissolved without giving it a chance to regrow.

Laser nail treatment is nearly painless; any discomfort can be managed with local anaesthesia. The procedure incurs minimal skin trauma and hence, recovery is very fast with a very low down time. The treatment is safe and chance of scarring is very low as well.

Nail Treatment At Padma Skin Clinic

At our clinic, Dr. Padmaja uses the latest laser device that allows a high degree of precision. It can remove a nail or a portion of a nail or an infection growing under the nail bed very safely. If you suffer from any such nail problem, you can find effective treatment under our expert care.

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