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Mole and Warts Removal Treatment

No one has a perfect stretch of skin. Some undulations, we are born with and some we develop later in life. Nonetheless, wouldn’t it be nice if you could get rid of all of them. Well, at Padma Skin Clinic, you can get no-marks skin. It is the best mole removal treatment clinic in Hyderabad.

What Are Moles & Warts?

A wart s a virus infection which creates bump inside the skin. Apparently, it may look smooth or a hard blister that pops out of the skin. It can spread from one section of the body to another and also from person to person.

A mole is a cluster of excess growth of skin cells. Most of the times they are harmless. But if they change in shape, size, pigmentation or oozes any liquid, it may be cancerous.

Skin tags develop on our skin due to friction. It is a tiny piece of skin that hangs from our regular skin. It can be seen more in collar areas, and body folds. Skin tags are harmless unless you pull them out improperly.

Is There A Safe Treatment For Mole & Wart Removal?

There are many home procedures and alternative medicines which attempt to remove moles and warts. Some of them do work on very small abnormalities. But even the, they take a lot of time with, of course, a lot of patience and endurance. Cosmetic removal of moles, warts and skin tags is fast and you can see immediate results without worrying for days if the treatment will work for you. The results of a cosmetic surgery for removing moles and warts are a 100% efficient.

Surgical removal of moles and warts must always be done by a qualified surgeon who has expertise in such procedures. This way you can ensure highest levels of safety. On the other hand, if you get it done by untrained beauty experts who are not trained in handling high-power laser devices. This can lead to unwanted burning of skin and scarring. At its worst, an unprofessional can also cause a mole to bleed profusely and reduce sensation of the area.

How Are Moles & Warts Removed Surgically?

At Padma Skin Clinic, any abnormality in the skin is first tested for its nature – whether it is benign (harmless) or malignant (cancerous). If it is tested cancerous, we immediately refer you to a radiologist (cancer specialist). If it is harmless, we offer 3 treatments options based on the size, colour, location and other features of the mole or wart or the skin tag.

Laser: Laser is the most efficient treatment for removal of warts and moles. However, it is mostly used for bigger ones since there are more cost-effective

Cryotherapy: Extensions in the skin can also be removed by freezing the mole. To remove any discomfort, a numbing agent is used. The process incurs minimal scarring and gives immediate results.

Surgical: Effective mostly for skin tags, surgical scraping is done using a scalpel to simply cut out the abnormality. It can be used for moles or warts too if they occur at a more surface level of the skin.

Mole & Wart Removal Treatment At Padma Skin Clinic

With best medical technologies and devices, our highly experienced cosmetic surgeons at Padma Skin Clinic, ensure that you receive a quick and efficient treatment to remove your moles and warts.

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