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Foot Corn Treatment

Corns and calluses usually develop on your feet and toes or hands and fingers. They are hard, thick layers of skin that develop when your skin tries to defend itself against friction and pressure. Medically the thickening of the skin is termed as hyperkeratosis.

You need treatment only if the corns causing any discomfort. Mostly eliminating friction or pressure can eliminate corns and calluses. People with diabetes or some other medical condition that regulates blood flow to your feet then you are at greater risk of forming corns and calluses. You need to consult a doctor if you are facing such conditions.

Signs of forming Corns and calluses

You are at risk of forming corn or calluses if you notice:

  • A thick and rough skin
  • A hard and raised a bump
  • Tenderness or pain at the site of corn under your skin
  • Flaky and dry skin

Causes of corns and calluses

Corns have a hard centre enclosed by inflamed skin. They tend to develop in weight-bearing areas and some areas that don’t bear weight. Corns are painful when compressed.

Usually, calluses develop on your feet soles. They are also seen on your palms and knees. Often, they are painless and vary in size and shape.

However, pressure and friction is the main cause in the formation of corns and calluses. Some sources that exert pressure and friction include:

  • Wearing tight shoes or sandals
  • Foot deformities or other toe deformities can lead to the formation of corn or callus
  • Wearing shoe or sandals without socks
  • Playing certain instruments like the guitar or using some hand tools

Treatment for corns and calluses at Padma Clinic

Usually, treatment for corns or calluses involves taking self-care measures like wearing properly fitting shoes, avoiding pressure actions on feet, using protective pads etc.

If corns or calluses become painful or damaging your appearance medical treatments can help you to remove them. At Padma Clinic our skincare specialist provides effective treatments which include:

  • Trimming away the thickened skin with a scalpel
  • Medication to remove callus
  • Custom-made padded shoes called orthotics are suggested in the case of underlying foot deformity
  • Surgery is preferred in rare instances

For more information about available treatment options contact our experts at Padma Clinic. We provide a wide variety of skincare treatments not only for corns and calluses but also for many other kinds of skin problem. A small consultation can find a solution for all your skin problems.

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