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Vitiligo Treatment

People go to huge lengths to make their skin look evenly toned. Naturally, in people with vitiligo, the discolouration of their skin can be stressful and can shatter their self-confidence. But there are certain cosmetic medical treatments that can help vitiligo patients. In Hyderabad, you can take a successful laser treatment for vitiligo at Padma Skin Clinic.

What Is Vitiligo?

Simply put, vitiligo is a genetic condition where people suffer from de-colouration of patches of their skin. This may show up in any part of the body. While some repair themselves over time, some are permanent. In some patients, diet, exposure to sunlight and chemicals, etc. have an effect on the appearance of these patches.

Is There Any Treatment For Vitiligo?

Vitiligo is a genetic condition and there is no ‘cure’ for this. There is no treatment that can wipe off vitiligo from your system. But there is nothing to worry about – vitiligo is not harmful to your health.

It only has cosmetic implications which can be covered up with cosmetic procedures like depigmentation or micro-pigmentation.

How Is Vitiligo Treated With Cosmetic Procedures?

For some people, topical creams and dietary restrictions work just fine. Others succumb to laborious makeup. But there are more permanent and more natural solutions to that.

Depigmentation: In patients with extremely large patches where is the original colour of the skin is much less visible, a de-colouration of the ‘normal’ skin is done to make it blend with the patches. However, if you belong to an ethnicity of dark skin colour, you may still stand out.

Skin Grafting: A more advanced procedure is skin grafting. In this procedure, a small section of your ‘normal’ skin is extracted and it is then replicated in the labs. The new skins resemble your original skin tone. The lab-made skin is then surgically implanted replacing the discoloured patches.

This procedure involves hospital stay and recovery takes some time. At the end, there may be some scarring.

Micropigmentation: Micropigmentation or tattooing is probably the most common treatment for vitiligo performed in Hyderabad. In this procedure, the light skin colour is tattooed so that it mimics the neighbouring dark skin colour. It is most suitable for smaller patches. You can selectively pigment your face and hands or other exposed area.

Based on the size of the patches, the number of patches covered. and the difference between the two colours of your skin, you may require multiple sessions of this treatment. However, after each session, the progress of the treatment will be visible almost immediately.

Treatment Of Vitiligo At Padma Skin Clinic

The skin condition for vitiligo in each patient is different. So, at our clinic, we try to find a treatment plan which will benefit you the most. It is not uncommon that many of our patients receive combination treatment. We use state-of-art technology to make the end results look smooth and natural.

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