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Hair Loss Treatment

With advancements in cosmetic medical technologies, hair loss is no longer an unfortunate condition. There are many techniques which can restore hair in your head. The most permanent of these solutions is hair transplantation. You can avail this treatment at Padma Skin Care, Hyderabad.

What Is Hair Loss?

A normal person loses 100 strands of hair a day. This is a part of your hair’s lifecycle. But if you lose more hair than that, it implies that you are losing hair prematurely. This can lead to thinning of hair density over a short period of time. And when that happens, it is safe to say that you are suffering from hair loss.

What Causes Hair Loss?

There are many factors which may lead to loss of hair. Some can be credited to your lifestyle preferences while some are environmental factors and some can be because of other health conditions. For example:

  • Unclean scalp causing weakened hair roots or infections
  • Dandruff and scalp psoriasis
  • Hormonal imbalance caused by thyroid problem or PCOD
  • Reaction to harmful chemicals that come in contact through hair products
  • Use of too much hair products or vigorous hair styling
  • Prolonged exposure to toxins from pollutants in traffic or workplace
  • Genetic predisposition or hereditary problems
  • Side-effects of medication or radiation-based treatments
  • Mental stress

How Can You Know If You Are Experiencing Hair Loss?

Merely noticing ‘too much hair fall’ is not enough for you to start worrying about it. If you doubt of having hair loss, you need to maintain a daily log before you approach us at Padma Skin Clinic. This information will help us understand the reason behind your hair loss problem and help us devise a proper treatment plan.

  • Look out for the following symptoms:
  • Obvious increase in hair fall
  • Visible thinning of the hairline
  • Occurance of bald patches in your scalp
  • Loss of hair in other parts of the body
  • Loss of scalp hair and growth of hair in the rest of the body in women
  • Hair susceptible to break or fall out even with mild combing and styling

If you observe these symptoms, make a log of them and see a doctor as soon as possible. Because many times, loss of hair may also be an indication of a serious underlying health condition which needs to be addressed immediately.

Hair Loss Treatment At Padma Skin Clinic

At our clinic, we implement personalized treatment plans so that each patient can reap the best benefit of it. We offer only high-quality medicines which you can use without worrying about any side-effects. You can rest assured that your hair fall will not only stop but you will also grow dense, new hair soon enough.

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