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Chemical Peels Treatment

Do you know the underlying beauty is bought out by damaging your skin?
Well, it’s time to understand about chemical peels!
It might sound familiar like the usual peel off masks many people used to get their skin to glow and look flawlessly beautiful. But chemical peels is a different way, where the procedure involves in the killing of your existing skin tissues in a controlled manner.
Killing your tissues? Now, you might wonder what kind of beauty treatment this is. You might also wonder how the damage would help to enhance beauty. The fact is once the skin gets ‘damaged’, it begins to heal or regenerate. This healing process helps the skin become younger, treats scars and helps the skin tone become more uniform if you have pigmentation.

What are chemical peels?

Chemical peels are a kind of cosmetic treatments commonly applied to the face, hands, or neck to improve the appearance of the skin. The procedure involves applying chemical solutions to the area being treated. It causes the skin to shed and eventually peel off. After this process, the new skin, which is smoother and less wrinkled, is generated.

What the different types of chemical peels?

Chemical peels are preferred based on the condition to be treated for the patient. There were three different types of chemical peels, which include:

  • Superficial peels (works on the epidermis),
  • Medium peels (works on the superficial layer of the dermis)
  • Deep peels (works on the deeper layer of the dermis).


Deep chemical peels cause deep burns on the facial skin, so the recovery time is longer. It takes up to two months to recover. The skin starts to grow back after 15 days and stays red for the first few weeks. You can take oral pain relievers if you feel any pain and there might be slight swelling around your eyes.

However, chemical peels are benefits a lot, but such treatments should be taken under the supervision of experienced doctors.

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